6 Tactics on How to Increase Your Conversion Rate

The best way to increase your conversion rate is to provide them with a reason to stay on your site. If you want to decrease bounce rate, you have to cater to the needs of the person you are courting as a customer. What are some tactics that you can use to decrease bounce rate and increase conversion rate?

#1: Design a Logical Site Mapping

You don’t want to lure someone to your site only to confuse them and not show them what they want to see. It should be easy to find a product page, a sales page, and a frequently asked questions page. It should also be easy to ask for help if you need it through live chat or some other mechanism that connects customers to representatives in real time. Furthermore, make sure that the site loads quickly to prevent a customer from getting impatient and leaving your page.

#2: Make Your Site as Customer Friendly As Possible

You want to make the sales process as simple as possible. This reduces the odds that anything goes wrong such as the customer not being able to find the right product, not being able to checkout in a timely manner or being timed out prior to going to check out. If you rely on landing pages to entice customers into making a sale, you may want to consider separating landing pages. A separating landing page is another secret to high converting websites that you can use to boost conversions without increasing your marketing spend.

#3: Have Special Offers

People love to get coupons or other specials that reduce the amount that they have to spend on a purchase. Offering 50 percent off to those who make a purchase in the next 10 minutes or offering a free product for those who spend $50 or more are good incentives to offer potential customers. Even if they don’t necessarily need or want your product, they may give it a shot if its free or buy it as an inexpensive gift for a friend or relative.

#4: Offers Limited Advertising

If a customer sees a lot of ads on your page, it may send up a red flag to leave quickly. Sites with too many ads are visually distracting and tell the customer you want them for fast revenue more than you want to develop a long-term relationship. They can also make a site load slower or bog down the site visitor’s computer. In a worst case scenario, ads could contain malware or viruses that get loaded onto a user’s computer or mobile device.

#5: Plan a Better Targeting

Targeted advertising can bring people to your site who are more likely to want what you have to sell. For instance, targeting young males in their 20s may result in more conversions for your fantasy football league or your site selling fantasy football guides. If you were selling gold watches or other high-end items, you may get better results targeting those who make $100,000 a year or businesses that may resell the items in their own stores. This is called qualifying your leads, which is a process that ensures that you don’t spend time marketing to people who can’t or won’t ultimately make a purchase.

#6: Embrace Your Offline Marketing Tactics

Even if you’re trying to increase conversions online, do not forget your offline marketing strategies entirely. Remember that your customer service and your offline marketing plan┬áplay a large role in how successfully you can be in the whole conversion driven.

When originally you have focused more on the foot traffic in an actual store, but have recently switched to expanding your online presence for the sake of the rise of an e-commerce era. You do not want to think that anything offline does not need much attention like it did before.

Keep in mind that the need for amazing customer service throughout the conversion funnel does not limit to online, but offline as well. In the world of online marketing, there are scary ads that make your potential customers caught on guard. Flashing banners, scams for free iPhone giveaways, unwanted pop-ups. The awesome thing about offline ads is that you have more control over the ads. What types of banners and signages and what content should it be to getting your business noticed in the real world? Thus, you should maximize your offline marketing strategies to boost your presence both online and offline and ultimately boost your conversions.

Last Thought

Remember to maximize your both offline and online marketing tactics to increase the number of sales that you make through your site (and your actual store). By increasing your conversion rate, it may be possible to lower the amount that you have to spend on customer acquisition. This means that you make more in gross profit from each sale, which may enable you to lower prices or otherwise invest in your business to make it better.

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