8 Benefits of a Serviced Office for Your Startup

Gone are the days when a company or business would rent an office and take the burden of designing and equipping it with the necessary furniture and equipment. In the recent past, serviced offices have been gaining popularity in major cities across the world. What is a serviced office space? Well, it refers to a fully furnished and equipped office space leased to individuals or companies on a pay as you use basis. This type of arrangement is convenient for startups since they only get the space they need on flexible terms, unlike the traditional lease. Although they cost more than a conventional office, serviced office benefits are numerous and diverse, including;

  1. Easier Transition


Finding space and furnishing with the necessary equipment and furniture can be time-consuming and costly. On the other hand, moving into a new premise can be very difficult, causing downtime which significantly disrupts the flow of work. In fact, most startups do not have the stability and capacity to slow their operations. A serviced workspace provides an easier way of moving into a new space and getting back to operations.


2. Flexibility


Most serviced office spaces offer short-term lease agreements which are only binding for a few months. Conversely, commercial leases are long-term binding for even more than five years and therefore not suitable for startups. Short-term leases provide the opportunity to expand or scale down operations depending on the business growth.


3. Eliminate Overhead Cost


Serviced office costs are considerably low compared to traditional work space arrangement. Although the monthly rental of the traditional office space may be lower, the cost may be higher than serviced offices in the long run. This is due to factors such as maintenance, cleaning, and other overhead expenses. In the traditional office space, on top of the cost of setting up the office, the occupant is also required to take care of the overhead cost. However, in the service office option, the occupant is only required to pay the agreed rent.


4. Professional Administrative Staff


When you lease a traditional office, you will need people to help in the day to day operations. This means that you will be required to go through the process of hiring additional staff. The hiring process can be time-consuming and requires a significant amount of resources. However, a serviced worked space is equipped with professionals eliminating the need for the hiring process saving you time and the effort.



5. Professional Environment


A home office can provide the necessary convenience when starting up a business. A home office may not project a right image to potential clients. However, a modern well-furnished office space outside away from your house creates a good first impression that set a professional tone for interaction. Most serviced offices provide a professional reception that welcomes your clients and even answer and redirect your business calls.


6. Convenient Payment


You are likely to secure space that you rarely use when you lease traditional office space. Areas such as the conference or meeting rooms are not used all the time and therefore cumulatively add up to a lot of money that goes to waste. However, in serviced offices, you are only required to pay for the facilities you use. For instance, you will pay for the conferences rooms only when you use them.


7. Access to Premium Resources


Serviced offices are more modern and in excellent condition than the traditional offices. For instance, you are likely to get active networks and any other office equipment that you may require. One of the most significant advantages of serviced offices is that equipment is regularly maintained to ensure they work properly.


8. Prime Location


The location of the office is one of the fundamental success factors of any business. Location is among the many benefits of a serviced office. In most cases, they are located in prime locations that offer more convenience.


As evidenced above, the benefits of serviced offices are many and diverse. Serviced office spaces are not only convenient but also affordable, easily accessible, convenient, and strategically located within a serene environment.


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