7 Best 3D Wooden Brain Teaser Puzzles to Play at Work

3D wooden brain teaser puzzles to play at work are a great non-traditional way to challenge the mind. They make a great gift for friends or family or even yourself. They also make a great conversation piece in your office or coffee table. This list of 7 wooden brain teaser puzzles is only the beginning of the many different types and styles available.


The Serpent Cube


This wooden puzzle is composed of 27 cubelets linked together. There are 17 groupings with two or three cubelets each. The solution to the puzzle is to fold the links into a 3-by-3 cube. This puzzle snake cube sounds like it might be easy, but it can only be solved systematically. There is more than one serpent cube puzzle solution out there but the fun comes from testing your own skills first. Rating: Difficult.


Wooden Star Puzzle


Wooden Star Puzzle

Just as there are limitless stars in the sky, there are numerous star puzzles. The North Star puzzle is arranged by locking 6 identical shaped pieces together. The Asterisk is another version of the star puzzle with 22 interlocking pieces. There is also the Great Star. It is made up of 24 uniquely shaped pieces that interlock. Releasing the pieces can be simple or hard, but putting them back together is never easy. Rating: Easy to Difficult.


The Wooden Ball



These wooden brain teaser puzzles range from smooth balls to more disjointed circles (Crystal Ball) to satellite globes and everything in between. The smooth spheres have 12 unique puzzle pieces that have to be fitted together. The Crystal Ball is made of three different pieces for a total of 6 pieces. The satellite is composed of 9 pieces. There are even oval-shaped wooden puzzles, including a wooden football puzzle. Rating: Easy to Difficult.


Prison Break/Caged Ball/Lock It Up

The child version of this brain teaser shows a cylindrical cage with ball sporting spikes sticking out of it. The adult version of these wooden brain benders is a ball imprisoned in a wooden cube. The simplest of these puzzles have 12 parts and a double lock has 24 parts. Like the name Prison Break suggests, the fun with these puzzles starts with trying to get the ball out and end with caging it again. Rating: Easy to Difficult.


Mysterious X


wooden x puzzle

This puzzle has just three pieces, but don’t let that fool you. The puzzle is a wooden x with a wood square frame in the middle. The goal is to free the X from the square. And no, the square is not big enough to just slide off. Rating: Intermediate.


The Lumberjack


mini lumberjack

There are two variations of these wooden brain benders. The mini lumberjack is composed of 6 identical pieces that connect together to create a fun centerpiece for your coffee table. The lumberjack puzzle has 15 components that form a much more complicated finished piece. Rating: Mini – Easy; Lumberjack – Difficult.


Complex Cube

If you enjoy Tetris, these wooden brain teaser puzzles are just right. The complex cube sometimes comes in a wooden box and it is a test of mettle to get them back in the box. There is no one way to complete this brain teaser. There are many versions of this cube, with shapes varying widely. Some of these come with only 9 pieces, but must be put back together in a specific order to recreate the pattern on them. One complex cube contains a lot of small pieces that have to interlock to fit inside the box they come in. Rating: Easy to Difficult.
There is a 3-D wooden puzzle for every type of adult: those just beginning and those ready for the most difficult wooden brain benders they can find. There are also many variations of the same puzzle, ranging from easy to put together to difficult. There are even puzzles out there was part of the fun comes from just taking the puzzle apart. The only limits are what you’re willing to bend your mind to.

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