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In the National Basketball Association (NBA), there is one coach who stands among the rest. He is the cream of the crop. He is called and known as the “Zen Master” because of his expertise of the game and his excellence in coaching. He is no other than Los Angeles Lakers head coach Phil Jackson.

Phil Jackson holds the record for most NBA championship as a coach with 10 titles. 6 championships with the Chicago Bulls during Michael Jordan’s era.  And 4 with Los Angeles Lakers with Shaquille O’Neal and Kobe Bryant as his main guys.

It’s very rare to have a coach like Phil Jackson who has 1,098 wins in his coaching career. In the NBA you rarely see a coach stay with a team for a long time. Majority of the coaches gets fired, demoted, and expelled in the league. The Zen Master has been a coach for 21 years now and still going. Why? Because he is a master of the game. He did long study and research on how to be a good coach. And top of which he is devoted to the game of basketball and is never contented to be complacent. He always wants to win.

Like Phil Jackson, My Business First are also experts in business coaching and always help their clients become winners.  And like the Zen Master, My Business First are able to analyse the actions taken by businesses and employees and with precision correction, improve the results in both productivity and profit.

Both Phil Jackson and My Business First had their share of struggles, disappointments and obstacles. And both of them have continued to learn from the feedback of their team and improve upon each step until they reached a level of success that had them considered by some to be experts in their field. Like the saying goes “Practice makes Perfect”.

And now that My Business First is on top and an expert in the business field, we would like to share you our gifts and show you the way to success. We will be your mentor and guide to your business endeavors. This would help you lessen your mistakes and failures and bring up to speed your business to success.

Let us be your coach and show you the right path to supreme and excellence.


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