E-Newsletter: Small Business Marketing Idea

Yes, you can market and promote your business even if it is a small one. You don’t have to be insecure and lose confidence even if you’re just starting.

You too can make it big someday using the methods that I will give today. It’s no secret that big and successful business also started at the bottom. Everybody can do it with just the right mindset and constructive plan.

Whenever you start a small business it is good to have newsletters. A newsletter is a distributed publication on a specific topic that interest readers and subscribers.

During the old days newspapers and leaflets are the common medium. But nowadays we have E-newsletter, meaning news is delivered electronically via email. It is much faster and has a wider target.

An E-newsletter can reach globally in just a span of few minutes. You can reach Japan, Brazil, India and the Netherlands all at the same time.

Not only does an E-newsletter keeps your viewers updated regularly but also promotes your business. You, the business owner can indicate the product or service that you are selling attached to the E-newsletter.

Reading your E-newsletter develops the relationship with your reader as well as motivates your readers to buy from you.

Imagine how will your businesses sales will perform if you are sending over 1 million newsletters automatically in one day. Even if you only get just 5% of the 1 million viewers you will still get 50,000 individual sales. And if you do the math and compute that your margin is $100 per item or service multiplied by the number of consumers which is 50,000 that’s a total of $5 million. You get that kind of amount just by distributing E-newsletter.

The best thing about E-newsletter is it has a captured market. Whenever a person clicks on your website and joins the e-mailing list they will automatically received newsletter from your website via an auto responder.

Most people go to their email everyday and these people also get news updates about your business and your website. There’s no escape to it, they automatically received once they are log on to their email account.

E-newsletter is just one method of marketing your small business on the Internet. It is not costly, all you need is an auto responder to send those newsletters to your targeted customers and you get good sales results and more business exposure.


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