First step in starting your own business

Starting your own business is not an easy task. It requires time, money, research, and sheer determination.

It is like building a sand castle. You have to put up a strong foundation to withstand the force of the waves. Without a strong foundation the sand castle that you built will be blown down by the strength of nature. And that’s only the first part, you still need to make a formation of how you like your sand castle made.

Do you want it huge or just right? Do you want to make a tower to make it more attractive or you want it plain? It’s up to sand castle builder on how they want it.

Just like a sand castle a business requires a strong foundation that is why before starting a business you should study all the aspect and background of it. You should know the pros and cons and the niche of your business. Attending trade shows in the early stages, can be vital.

There are so many things to consider before setting up your business. Do you want it on your own or do you want business partners? Is this for long term or just a part time gig? Will you follow and copy the traditional way or will you be unique making a name for yourself. The choice again is all yours.

There are so many ways to start a business and I will explain further on my succeeding articles. But one thing that should be remained constant is the foundation. As long as you have it your business will still strive even in toughest times. You won’t be bothered by stiff competition because your business maintains a good number of customers.

For example you’re in the auto repair industry, if you alone are an expert in repairing car engine and just have people as your helpers then you’re business stands strong.

Why? Because you can still operate your business even if your employees or laborers leave you all of a sudden. You still have yourself to do the engine repairs. You will have a tough time yes but you can do service to a customer or two. In time you will be hiring new employees for additional help.

That’s how strong your business foundation is, it can withstand even in times of abandonment. That is the first step. Build a strong business foundation. Everything else follows from there.


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