How to get traffic to your website using Search Engines

Just like in the Olympic Race, every athlete competes to get the Gold medal. To them failure is not an option. In the Internet world that also applies. Every website owner wants their site to be the number website in the search engine list. Some spends an obscene amount of money just to be on the top ranks. Others devote a lot of their time to make their website rank among the best. To get the gold they need to be number one.

The reason website owners want to be on the top page is because of the exposure. People often go for the 1st page and usually click on the first 3 websites. For example if people want to buy a basketball shoe they go directly to Google and type the keyword “basketball shoes”. Once they type in these 3 websites comes into order:,, and

Those 3 website are the top sites on the 1st page of the Google search engine. And pretty sure they get enough daily viewers since they are on top. Plus they have the best chance of selling more basketball shoes than their competitors since they are seen on the 1st page.

So how to do you get traffic for your website using Search Engine. One big factor is using proper keywords. This is mostly useful if you position your keywords in the first paragraph of the body text. Web crawlers are very strict to details and are very active in noticing keywords that are use in headers and titles. Just remember not to overdo it and use keywords a lot in just one paragraph. Search Engine disregard websites that have more than 5% keyword density. In other words make your website readable and enjoyable to read. Don’t make Spam articles full of keywords.

Posting articles in your website everyday also attracts Search Engine. Search Engines updates their page every month.  Sometimes they do it more frequently like everyday. So it’s better to keep your website updated with new articles and topics. Soon you will find out that your site is on the Search Engines Top 10 page. The higher the page the more visitors you will get.

Those are the tools and methods needed to get more traffic for your site using Search Engine strategy. Be competitive and consistent. Don’t settle for anything less. Nothing is more better than winning the Gold.


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