How to promote my website

There are so many ways to promote your website. I have 6 important key factors to give you to boost your website popularity.

Here it is:

1. Search Engine Optimization – Many website owners and bloggers have been going to this route to promote their website. Why? It is inexpensive! All you need is to insert the right keywords on your post and presto! Instant popularity. Search Engine’s robot spiders index the content of your post. The more post and keywords you have the more chance of getting high ranks on the Search Engine.

2. Link Building – This helps your site get more additional traffic. Just by linking your website URL to other popular website in exchange for theirs you will have more viewers. Those websites that you linked in has an already steady amount of loyal readers. Now those readers will be reading your site too. If your business is based in Sydney, for example, you might want to start off with Sydney BD.

3. Social Media – Mushrooms generate fast and so will be your website if you do Social Media strategy. Making blogs, joining social networking sites, encouraging your readers to bookmark your site, and participating in active forums will definitely induced massive followers to your website.

4. Traditional Marketing – This method has been proven for several centuries even before the Internet era. Advertising in magazines, newspapers, TV and radio will also gather more customers especially those people who are not aware or not into Internet media. You may also promote by giving away flyers and brochures about your website. It is still an effective tool.

5. Email Express – Almost everybody has an email address today. This is best way to reach them because they always check their emails. Sending email newsletter will update and inform your readers about your product or service. This is a great way to generate trust, develop brand awareness and build future businesses. Make sure you have an email newsletter on your website.

6. Paid Advertising – You may be paying a lot of money to promote your website but it will be worth every penny in the long run. It may be a pain to your pocket but it’s the best tool to help boost your website fast. Begin an Affiliate Program and give commissions to web owners who advertise your banner ads to their site. The more the better.


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