How to really start a business of your own

There are a lot of businesses that comes and goes. It’s became a routine. The business owner will implement the business, will do well for several months, but close it in the end.

You can count on your fingers of business that still last today. What is their secret? To tell you honestly there is no secret behind it. You have to go through all the hardships and struggle to succeed in business – just like everybody else. But if you’re going to ask me about what really makes a business successful I can just summarize it all in two words – Don’t Quit!

That’s right; most people who failed in business are quitters. They really did not fail in business they just choose to close down their business for whatever reasons. Sure they might have experienced losing money and their sales are down in the previous month but it’s not the end of the world.

All you need is “Persistence” and the will to help your business rise again from the depths of failure.  Oh, and the sense to notice when things aren’t going quite as you had planned and making small changes until they come right.

I heard a story about this one guy who is in the restaurant business. Their main line is serving oriental dishes in their neighborhood.

During those times their sales is selling like hotcakes. Most of the time they run out of food to serve before they close shop in the evening because of the re-surging customers. Their business was doing great and lasted for 5 years. Then disaster struck. Sales are down and customers are getting fed up to the same food that they served over and over again. Most people will quit and close shop but this business owner is tenacious. He just doesn’t like to quit – it is not in his vocabulary.

What he did was he added new product line that is connected to their existing product – they added bread and pastries. And Wow! They really did not only make sales but change the whole concept of their business. Not only did they have food to serve for lunch and dinner but for breakfast as well. Customers started to come back to their shop to buy their new product line.

Now they are concentrating on expansion and business franchising.

Sometimes all you need is a little fixing. A few twists here and there could save not only your business but you the business owner as well.

The key to starting a business is – Don’t Quit! Quitters are Losers!


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