How to write a good business plan



In order to have success on your business you need to first have a plan. A good plan will guide you for financial stability and to prepare any problems ahead.

Your business plan should be a living road map to success, not just a one-time document. Therefore it is important to have a good business plan and the earlier you prepare for it the more chances of success for your business.

Initially you need an executive summary, summarizing the detail of the business proposal. It should be brief and short but also substantial. Your investors would want to look first on the overview of your business so they will have an idea on what they are going to invest in the future.

Make sure that it is a business proposal and not a request letter begging them to help your business. And it should be based on facts and not on gut feeling and wishful thinking.

A written overview of the business’ aims and goals is what investors look into. They want to look for a company that not only aims for financial success but to help the community and the environment. It would be helpful if you indicate the business forecast.

A 5 year goal is a good basis to start with since it is not too early and not to long. The most important thing for the investors is the ROI (Return of Investment). If they can see that the company will make their ROI target in 2-3 years time then they are in good shape.

Moving on, you need to impress the readers about the products or service that your business is handling. And when I say impress they must be swept off their feet. The investors don’t want another product that will be hot for a while but will dwindle down in several months. It should the best of the best. As long as there is demand on the product or service that you’re offering they will go on board.

You business product and/or service should not be concern about competitors since you are convinced that your business will crush them.

When you make a business plan it should be realistic and reachable. Investors will know if you’re shooting for the stars and they get easily turn off by it. Build your business plan simple but precise. You will provide the facts and details by providing them the numbers and information. But what really investors look after is the “essence” of the content.


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Will it be worthwhile for these investors to spend their time and money for this certain business plan? All of this will depend on your work.


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