Is it hard to write a business plan?

Before we move on to the question let’s first discuss about movies. I’m pretty sure you’ve heard of Star Wars – one of the best film ever created. It made a significant impact and change the way how movies are made. George Lucas was the man responsible for the success of Star Wars. But with that success he made great sacrifice, which is writing a plan.

In writing a plan, or a plot for that matter, Mr. Lucas has to make the whole universe. Definitely he went beyond just by thinking outside of the box. He wrote something that most people won’t think of.

There he had to build characters, spaceships, environment, and new technology. It took him just a few years to make the Star Wars plot which to us could take us an eternity to make.

That is how hard to write a business plan. You just can’t write and write. You have to think hard on how you will convince your readers. You should first start to focus on your business objectives, know what are your business goals and directions.

Like George Lucas you need to think outside of the box and expand your horizons. Just don’t make a plan for one to two years, make it more like ten years. Don’t just think like the traditional business man would do and just rely on their captured market. Go beyond that and get more sales from customers that you never expected of.

Once you made this kind of mindset you can now pinch in those other segments like Marketing, Capitalization, Management, Forecast, Feasibility Study, Expansion and many others. This is the easy part, you just need to fill in the data and add some personal touch to it.

Get advice from successful business owners on how they made their business plan. This could be your basis for conceptualizing your business plan outline. Like I said the important part is convincing your investors and lenders.

Go out of the ordinary and be not afraid of adding more value and content to your business plan. Who knows, your business plan might be what your investors are looking for.

So the answer to the question if it is hard to write a business plan – my answer is No! As long as you’re inspired like George Lucas and think outside of the box there will be buyers for your business idea.


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