Local Business Domination

Before you can learn how to run, you need to learn how to walk first. This also applies in business. So before you expand globally, you must concentrate locally. And when I say concentrate that doesn’t mean just to run your business. You should bring your A-game and dominate in your field. In other words, your business is on top of the world or at least somewhere close to that. You must “crush” your competitors with all your might, or at least leave them in your dust.

Meet Coffee Groundz. It’s a small coffee shop located in Houston Texas. They serve a variety of coffee (locally roasted), both hot and frozen. They also have wonderful tea, delectable pastries, superb Gelato (also made locally), fresh sandwiches, and great selection of wine, beer and alcoholic drinks.  Their ambiance is great and they have incredible service.  But one competitor stands in their way….. Starbucks.

Starbucks has quadrillion outlets in Houston Texas and have been in the coffee business since 1971. Coffee Groundz is just new to the industry. How will they match up with the biggest coffee chain in the world? Simple.. Use Social Networking media, Online Press Attention, Video Presence and local business domination.

Coffee Groundz Operations Manager J.R. Cohen saw an opportunity by taking “To Go” orders in Twitter. Customers send their orders through Twitter to Cohen before they leave for work. Cohen will prepare the food and drinks and ready to be pick up. It turns out to be a great idea as their customers grew to 1,000 just by using Twitter.

Today Coffee Groundz has 10,163 followers from Twitter. Because of Twitter they came out with an idea of Drive Thru counter so that customers doesn’t have to wait in line to get their coffee. Coffee Groundz may not be Starbucks but they are “in line” with them.

For any line of business you need to capture the local market first and then think about the rest of world. Your local business needs to be strong only then can you venture out.

My Business First can make your business like Coffee Groundz and totally rise to the occasion. My Business First will put you on top of the world by doing local business domination or “Annihilation”. Your competitor won’t know what hit them and will be on the brink of extinction.

That’s what My Business First will do for your business. No remorse to the competitors up to the last nail. Your business will have an edge over your customers and will excel on your niche. Revenues and sales will surely go up the roof.


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