Marketing your Small Business

Money is always a problem when marketing a business, you need to hire sales people or else your business won’t strive.

In the Internet world you would also need funds for a virtual assistant to do the email marketing, copywriting, joining social networks and making blogs for your business. In other words it takes money to make money.

Luckily for us we are living in a world with vast technology and every business owner can start marketing their business on the Internet even if they don’t have the capacity and means.

Doing small business marketing is what small business owners do these days. It doesn’t require a large amount of money – most of them are free. It will only take your time to do this kind of marketing.

All it takes is to have a website. Your business will need this so that it will be seen on the Internet. There are some website that can be created for free like and All you have to do is to create an account and presto — instant website.

It wouldn’t hurt if you know a little of HTML or CSS to make your website look more attractive and presentable. Once you are able to put the contents on your website you can now promote it online.

A newsletter from your website will make your marketing easy for you. When your viewers like your website and subscribe on your newsletter they will get news and updates from your business. They don’t have to click on your website anymore because they have it already on their email account. Your customers will get news from your website automatically whenever you post something new.

You on the other hand get their email address. The email grabber newsletter will keep you informed on how many customers your business has. And you can directly market your new products and/or service to your customers by way of email.

You can also market your business through link building. The technique here is to make friends with fellow website owners that have the same niche as yours.

For example if you’re into gardening, you can reach website owners that are into gardening as well. Once you’re connected with them you can trade your links to theirs and the two of you will benefit from it. People think that competitors should fight each other but in the Cyber they help each other – surprisingly.

It really doesn’t take money to make money to market your small business.

All you need is a little Information Technology knowledge, your time, patience and hard work to make your small business succeed.


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