Search Engine Optimisation

You have a blog or a website. It’s about breeding Siberian Husky and Alaskan Malamute. These are the breed of dogs that are used in Trail Sled dog racing in the northern region of America. You are one of the participants of Iditarod, the most popular sporting race event in Alaska. You want to share your experience about the race. You also want to give some tips and advice on people who wants to join the race event.

You also breed your racing dogs and sell their offspring for a good price. You put up your own website but unfortunately you only have a few visitors to your site. Why is that? Was it because you’re not an expert in dog sled racing. That’s not it since you’re a participant in the Iditarod race. A participant somehow knows about dog sled racing or else he/she can’t be in the race.

What could be the problem. The answer is Search Engine Optimization. Your website is not on the top ranks of the Search Engine Results and interested web surfers won’t able to find your website if it is located on the 18th page. Typically, people only browse for the first 3 page and that’s it. If people type in the keyword of “dog sled racing” and your website is not in the top 10 results (the first page) then you’re in serious ranking trouble.

My Business First can solve your problems by using Search Engine Optimisation to increase the rank of your website and be among the top 10 or top 20 Dog Sled racing blogs/websites. In this way people can easily see your website. The more people, the better number of visitors you will gain. And more visitors means more potential customers for your dog sales and product range.

With Search Engine Optimisation, your number of visitors will greatly increase from 20 daily visitors to thousands of daily visitors. That’s a huge margin. Your dogs will sell like hotcakes and you will have your litter disposed of, in no time.

Sponsors will also give you money for a placement of their ads on your website since it has become so popular.  Most sponsors would be dog food and dog supplies. However, don’t get surprise if Nike and Coca Cola wants to advertise on your website too. Even the big companies want as many people exposed to their products as possible!

So not only do you get earnings for your dog breeding, but now you get additional revenue from sponsors as well.


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