What is the goal of My Business First? My Business First’s utmost purpose is to provide top-of-the-line business services to Entrepreneurs and Business owners.

We understand that as a business owner, your daily schedule is already often overloaded and you don’t have the resources and time available to learn, much less work on developing your businesses online internet presence.

Not only do we create an amazingly strong web identity for your business, we also encompass many additional areas such as professional business coaching, press and online media syndication, local business domination, e-commerce solutions and even copywriting.

In order to get a huge piece of the lucrative internet pie, having a website is not all that is required.

A website is a definition of the owner, either individual, partnership or corporation, that describes the nature of their self or their business entity. It could be personal or professional or even both. The fact of the matter is the website is an electronic brochure and source of information available to the whole world 24 hours a day.

Website Creation, Utilisation and Branding
My Business First will help clients to have their own website which fits to their needs and personality. We can redesign, conceptualize, and format the website. For example, if the client is into selling chocolates, we can design the background, lettering, and fonts according to the product that our clients is selling. We will also perform many other tasks such as brand implementation, split testing and consumer research, as well as ensuring that relevant consumers can actually find and visit your website.

E-Commerce and Payment Solutions
Modes of e-commerce and electronic payment systems, such as Paypal can also be incorporated into the website for online payments, service bookings and pre-ordering. With the help of our e-commerce solutions, our clients can sell through to the entire world 24 hours a day almost on total autopilot.

Become An Authority In Your Industry
My Business First is here to help promote our clients business through Online Press Exposure, Social Media and Online Networking. With the popular sites like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, Website owners will even have a bigger market in the internet. Facebook alone has more than 400 million active users. Imagine tapping that market. How many chocolates will you able to sell just by promoting in Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation and Business Marketing Solutions
Our desire is to help our clients with proper marketing strategy.  Proper use of keywords and key items will help our client’s website to reach the top page of the search engines. This will give great visibility and more viewers to their prospective websites, which in turn can generate more sales and revenues.

Automated Sales Systems
What could be better than having a flood of automated salespeople that never complained, never took sick leave, never asked for a raise, and worked 365 days per year? My Business First can also implement automated sales systems which will not only faithfully sell your services and products, however they will also develop an on-going relationship with potential leads.  Thus ensuring your brand stays that much closer to their top-of-mind, whilst forming a better relationship with you and your customers.