Starting a Vending Machine Business in Melbourne

The vending machine business is huge all across the world, its popularity increasing in leaps and bounds.

Perhaps helping to spearhead this change in vending machine popularity is the role technology has played in every aspect of product vending.


Today, just about every non-alcoholic beverage on earth can be found in vending machines. Any snack or piece of candy can be found. Frozen foods and prepared foods have their own machines. The list of vended goods can just go on and on.

Many of these machines are now accepting paper money, credit cards, and vending machine smart cards. As technology continues to make things easier to operate, make more convenient to use, and make more accessible to more people, it will help improve industries all across the spectrum. And vending machines will continue to be on the cutting-edge of all new technology, helping to keep it a most solid, profitable business to be associated with.

If someone is considering starting a vending machine business, this may be a most opportune time to invest in a vending machine business in Melbourne.

Before making any commitments into vending machine business Melbourne, a good question one should ask themselves is, “how does the vending machine business work?”

If looking to buy vending machine or leasing one or more machines, the prospective client will need to come up with a vending machine business plan.

Purchasing a vending machine is a pretty straightforward business proposition. If someone is looking to lease vending machines, then they must be prepared to sign a lease agreement when renting vending machine in Australia.


Industry experts are in agreement that the location that the vending machine is placed in must be secured first, then followed by the purchase or lease of the machine. This is step one in the business plan.


The Location


The location can be one of the biggest, if not the biggest determination that must be made in the whole process. The businessman should look into areas that have a lot of foot traffic, and where there is a consistent number of people passing by.


Popular areas that bring in most money are hospitals, schools, truck terminals, train and bus terminals, gyms, airports and manufacturing facilities. Canvassing these locations well can bring in at least one area lease prospect, which would be a great start.


The Lease


Once the location has been determined, and the property owner of the area to be leased sits down to talk terms of the deal, a few things should come to mind for the vending machine proprietor.


Will the lease be a short-term or long-term deal? As it won’t be known how well the vending machine may fare in that specific location, it would be wise to initially sign a short-term lease if possible. If business at that location proves to be prospering, then more short-term leases or a long-term lease signing could follow.


Will commissions need to be paid to the property owner? Depending on the percentage, handing over high commissions could considerably cut into profits, and should try to be negotiated down by the machine owner before signing anything. As profit numbers have yet to be realized, it wouldn’t be a prudent move to be handing back hard-earned money each and every month. If possible, compare and contrast terms of the potential contract with other vendors in the area, seeing if they’re comparable, and if their potential contract is or is not reasonable.


The Products


With a signed lease, it’s time to put the machine in. New owners would best be served by starting off with a smaller, more economical machine. Once solid business has been established at that location, then an upgrade to a bigger, more profitable machine could then easily take place.


What products are sold in the machine could depend on the location. Healthier drinks and snacks are popular in hospitals, gyms, and even schools. Higher energy type products (read: sugar) are popular at workplaces and transportation-related locations, where a good, quick “pick me up” is popular for people on the go.


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