7 Tips to Overcome Burnout for Business Owners

Everyone is prone to burnout, but business owners might take it the hardest. As the owner of a business, you have a lot of responsibility resting on your shoulders. With great responsibility comes great stress, and that stress is heavy to carry around. When you’re burning out, you need to do something about it – both for your health, and the health of your business.

  1. Focus on Innovation

Working on the day to day aspects of your business might be getting to you. If that happens, focus on what you could be doing instead. Making a big change will get your gears moving. Whether you’re innovating the way you work, the products you’re creating, or the services you’re offering, you’re inhaling a big gasp of fresh air.

  1. Read About Struggles

Check the blogs of your fellow business owners – especially those who own businesses in your same niche. They’re bound to mention their own hardships, and you might be able to view those hardships and kinships. Reach out if you’re feeling bold. If you aren’t, simply reading about their hardships and seeing what happened next can inspire you.

  1. Watch Someone Else Overcome

Think about the classics. Glengarry Glen Ross. The Devil Wears Prada. Even Rocky shows someone struggling to overcome impossible obstacles. If you haven’t had movie day, it might be time to tune into movies that take you on a rough journey and lift you up feeling stronger. So hop on Netflix (if you’re outside the US, you might need a VPN) and start watching. Netflix will even recommend similar films once you’ve finished your first.

  1. Take a Long Vacation

Business owners and entrepreneurs are notorious for never taking breaks. That’s what devotion will do to you. You need to be a little more devoted to yourself. Pack up, get on the next flight out to New York City, and see a great play. Go to Thailand and learn to ride elephants. Spend some time exploring yourself while you’re exploring some place new. You’ll come back to work feeling refreshed and wielding a new perspective.

  1. Get a Mentor

You might be feeling burned out because you’re stuck. If you don’t have a mentor, now is a great time to get one. All you need to do is put the word out that you’re looking for a mentor, and the right mentor will find you. Explore your professional network – you might even be able to find a mentor who is across (rather than above) from you who has simply conquered the same problems you’re having.

  1. Change Your Work Environment

Working remotely a little more often will allow you a better work-life balance. You’ll be around your family and children if you have them, or you’ll be able to take off a few hours early to go have drinks and watch the game with your best buds.

If you don’t want to work remotely, paint your whole office pink and hang up some abstract art. You don’t have to go that extreme, but drastically changing the appearance of your office will drastically change the way it makes you feel.

  1. Start Again

If your job is making you feel absolutely terrible and you don’t have the desire to fight for your job anymore, you’ve developed a toxic relationship with your business. The best thing to do in that situation is sell your business and start again. Do something you actually love instead – whether that’s becoming an eBook author or a professional cake baker. You deserve to be happy in life.

Burnout affects every business owner differently, but they all need to be able to deal with it. You might need to try a few strategies to determine what works for you. The most important thing to do is learn when burnout is approaching, and to take care of it before it takes you over.

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