Website Creation

Back in the past when there is no computer technology, it would often take months or even years before a business would be known to the public. Even if the quality of the business is in top class, the business owner typically had to rely on word of mouth to spread their business name.

Let’s study one case as an example. Mrs. Petry makes great cupcakes during the 1800’s. So she would inform her neighbors and her community that she is selling fantastic cupcakes. The people in her neighborhood would get to know and even appreciate the cupcakes that Mrs. Petry bakes. Soon Mrs. Petry product would be a hot commodity in her little small town.

But that’s about it.

If Mrs. Petry lived in Dallas Texas then she only sells her cupcakes and does business with those in Dallas Texas. It could take months before somebody from New York or Toronto or Australia got to hear about her business. Or worse, they would never hear about her business, and she would be stuck to providing for only her local area forever.

Welcome to the new technology. Today, all you need to do is be active in the Internet world. With your own website you can provide an international point of reference to any who are interested in your services and products. A website is like your very own calling card but 20 times better because it is viewed throughout the whole world.

In Mrs. Petry’s case, all she needs to do to begin is to create her own website. She could put all the information about her cupcakes including pictures and videos. She can provides lists of her products, including details and pricing as well as her business address and contact details so that potential customers would know where to reach her.

Now Mrs. Petry would be selling her cupcakes not only to Dallas, but now she can also service New York and Toronto aswell as other countries like Japan and Egypt. Her market would be huge and will give her bigger profits just by having a website and taking advantage of the technology of the Internet.

You could be the next Mrs. Petry.

My Business First is here to help your business be known to the whole world. We will help you with the Website design, domain name, and web hosting.

My Business First will make your website visible to search engine. We can even install systems that allow you direct communication and interaction with your potential leads and customers.

Your customers could make comments to your website which will help your business grow faster, and allow valuable information that will help you to improve both your services as well as your products.

Networking is the fastest way to get your products and services known. We too are experts in that field as we can help to establish your business on a global (and local) scale with top internet authorities. Other just like Mrs. Petry have generated huge revenues by creating their own websites. If you are serious about making money with your business, you should too.


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