Website Submission – Site Distribution To Promote Your Business

Scatter and Spread! These are two main words to promote your website in the Cyber world. You need to distribute your website in all possible categories – through search engines, directories (such as ClickBlue), email list, banner ads, social networking sites, online website promotion and other websites and blogs.

Just like in a National election, every party and electoral candidate do massive campaign just for one thing – awareness. If people don’t know you they won’t vote for you. The same thing goes in Website promotion. You need to “scatter” the word around so that people would know that your website exists.

And the way to do that is to “spread” in every imaginable tools and methods in the Internet today.

How Mass Media Plays It’s Part

Mass Media Distribution has access to more than 22,000 media outlets worldwide. In other terms your website can be seen in over 4,000 most widely accessed websites. So if each website that you distribute has 1,000 daily readers that mean you’re promoting your site to 4 million people (4,000 websites multiplied by 1,000 readers).  That is how you “scatter” your business and website. You promote it massively to generate massive outcome and massive revenues on your part.

You might need a private assistant to do this for you because it’s time consuming. Or you could hire the services of Mass Media Distribution Company to do it for you.  You have the option to display your business news and updates in full text, or you might consider preparing stories for publication on their site. Either way it will be an effective strategy.

Spreading The Love Around The World

Another way to “spread” your website is to submitting your website URL to top search engines. Google, Yahoo and Baidu are the top search engines in the Internet today. I suggest you put your attention in displaying your website in those popular sites. Google alone has more than 300 million people who do their search on the Google search engine every day. The Google market is enough to make your business and website self sustaining.

You can submit your website on a specific search engine. Let’s just say you want to target Sweden. Aside from Google and Yahoo which they also use, you can also use Sesam search engine which they also look into. If you want to target about career and jobs you can go to which are mostly use by the Americans.

So there it is. Just remember the two keywords for a successful website distribution. “Scatter” and “Spread”.


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