Writing a Business Plan

Learning how to write a business plan is not like writing a love letter where you just express your emotions and desires.

A business plan has to be close to perfection by getting facts and proper details. All of the things written down in a business plan are carefully studied, observed, and reviewed. There is little margin for error. Giving you the step by step procedure will guide you to write the right business plan.

The first part of the business plan must first include a mantra, mission statement or vision. The business should have an ultimate goal and purpose. This would be the basis of your business plan content. Next is to make a standard business plan outline. It should be well organize from start to finish.

In the outline there should be business idea and concept, capitalization, nature of business, type of business, size of the business, target market, type of product or service, and so on and so forth. These are just a few examples to list down on a business plan outline.

The key factor here is to make your business plan a real plan. Make it more concrete and achievable and not just dreaming about it.

Those things that I mention should be realistic and can be targeted. For example, you wrote down Capitalization and Funding. Ask yourself how exactly you are going to get those funds. If you’re providing your property as collateral for a business loan, don’t assume that your property will be accepted immediately. Check first if your property is a high commodity and have a nice location. Other wise better to have a contingency plan just in case your first plan didn’t pan out.

Everything must be real when making a business plan to achieve better and faster results.

Another key factor is what your business has to offer to your customers and clients. What makes your business stand out among the rest that will convince the consumers to take your product or service?

If you think that your business offer has not much to give and you’re like imitating other business idea then you should stop composing a business plan. It’s just a waste of time. You have to think; will the consumers really need and appreciate my business product or service?

These are some tips with how to write a good business plan. Have a good outline and follow it through. Make your business plan realistic and overwhelmed your customers by the unique concept your business has to offer.

You may even find that the planning process offers you much more insight as to the potential running and operations then you find expected to uncover.


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